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How to Buy Land in Today’s Market

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In the past 12 months lots of things have changed, rising interest rates, global supply chain disruptions, rampant inflation, and the war in Ukraine.  How has that impacted the land market in Alabama?  From what I’m seeing there has not been a decrease in land prices.  There is a significant decrease in inventory.   So, if you’re looking to buy land and don’t want to break the bank, what do you do?  First, look for land that has no improvements and is basically a blank canvas.


Land that has nice roads, game plots, hunting stands, a cabin and nice pond will be priced at a premium and worth it.   The key is to find land that has the potential to be improved into the property you want.  It will be less expensive and you can make the improvements exactly the way you want and do it over time as it fits your budget.  The result will be a property you enjoy and can sell for a profit.  Second, take a close look, or have a Professional Forester, take a close look at the timber and its future potential.   I’ve seen land for sale that had the timber select cut 5 to 10 years ago and to the untrained eye it will look like a well-stocked stand with near term potential.  When in reality it has a very low value and it will be years before it recovers.  As a Registered Forester I’ve seen this over and over.  Having an expert appraise the timber before you buy could be beneficial even if you have no plans to cut timber.  Also, land with pre-merchantable pine tends to be priced less than land with mature timber.  Take a look at the age and quality of the stand.  You may find it’ll only be a few years before there is an income stream from a thinning.   When I sold this tract the pine trees were only a couple years from a commercial thin.  The buyer can add a more extensive road system and game plots, significantly increasing the recreation potential and value of the land.

I hope these tips help you in your search for land.

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Eddie Stone

Eddie Stone is an accomplished agent for Great Southern Land specializing in buying and selling land. An Alabama resident, Eddie has used his extensive knowledge to work and sell land in 15 counties surrounding the Birmingham Metro area. Eddie obtained a Master's Degree in Forest Business from Mississippi State University. For the next 20 years, he worked as a Registered Forester in the large corporate sector in both the procurement and land management arenas where he became an expert in land management, maximizing the biological growth of timber, determining the value of a timber tract, and maximizing its value for the landowner. In 1999, Eddie founded Forever Green, Inc.; a consultant forestry business that quickly became a leader in the local timber business. He went on to obtain a real estate license and join Great Southern Land as an Alabama land agent to further serve his clients' needs and provide full-scale, exceptional service. Eddie is also a Contractual Conservation Planner for the Georgia Alabama Land Trust. He prepares Conservation Easement Baseline Documentation Reports which includes technical writing, field inspections, GPS documentation, and GIS map preparation. Eddie's forestry expertise, coupled with being a REALTOR, has made him uniquely qualified to help clients navigate all aspects of buying and selling land.