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Buck’s Pocket – A Hidden Gem

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My wife, Jamie, and I are always looking for an “off the beaten path” destination to visit.  Towards the end of March, we visited Buck’s Pocket State Park in the northeast corner of Alabama.  As it turns out, it’s an absolute gem.  South Sauty Creek flows through the park and in the Spring when the creek is full, its a beautiful sight to see.


Buck’s Pocket occupies 2,000 acres surrounding a natural pocket (canyon) of the Appalachian Mountain chain. South Sauty Creek is a tributary that flows into Guntersville Lake.  In the “pocket” is the campground.  The rim offers incredible views of the rugged landscape provided by the Point Rock overlook.   We chose to begin the hike from the campground up the mountain to the overlook.  It was a fairly strenuous hike but well worth the effort.

On the way out, we also hiked a very short trail that leads to a rock shelter used by the Indians long before the Europeans arrived.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and more importantly can make the time to visit Buck’s Pocket

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